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Chris Mandle

Features editor at Shortlist

I edit Shortlist's features section and also oversee our film/entertainment stuff. I've previously written for loads of places like Mr Porter, NOTION, Vice, Esquire, the Guardian, the Independent 'etc

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Seth rogen1 3288147b article
The Telegraph

In praise of the 'dadbod': the man who's let himself go - Telegraph

In praise of the 'dadbod': the man who's let himsel...

Dumbledore 3244649b article
The Telegraph

Why J.K Rowling Was Right To Defend Dumbledore

A piece on LGBT role models, and why the sexuality of fictional characters can be important.

Open uri20140714 30399 1vpwty1 article
The Telegraph

It's not just young women who worry about not having it all - Telegraph

Plenty of men in their twenties are just as concerned about work, relationships and ageing as their female counterparts, says Chris Mandle...

Locke grooming 3139572b article
The Telegraph

When it comes to grooming, men aren't as dumb as you think

We're more switched on than you think, even if we hate the word 'grooming'

Blair 3029671b article
The Telegraph

Why Tony Blair really is a gay icon - Telegraph

"This reveals more about our attitudes to politicians generally. We seem to find hard to acknowledge or celebrate the serious, difficult work they do"

Hipster tash 3046941b article
The Telegraph

Everyone hates hipsters - but do they really exist? - Telegraph

We're either all a bit hipsterish, or none of us are. My opinion piece for the Telegraph.

Cheerleaders1 3138874b article
The Telegraph

Could cheerleading be rebranded as a male sport? - Telegraph

Could cheerleading be rebranded as a male sport? - ...

Boysincroptops 3011913b article
The Telegraph

Crop tops: a men's fashion trend too far - Telegraph

On why men should avoid jumping on the sartorial bandwagon

Open uri20140714 30399 i963g7 article
The Telegraph

It's time to ban flip-flops for men - Telegraph

They look terrible, they sound terrible, and they're bad for our health. Why do men persist in wearing flip-flops the minute the sun comes out, asks Chris Mandle...

Open uri20140714 30399 7sglym article
The Telegraph

Wingman: a dating app for air travellers - Telegraph

Tinder has revolutionised the online dating landscape. Now, a new app aims to transfer the Tinder method to air travel. Is this a good idea, asks Chris Mandle...

Cook 2229833k article
The Telegraph

Why Apple's Tim Cook was right to come out publicly - Telegraph

The news that Apple CEO Tim Cook is homosexual may not come as a surprise, but that doesn't detract from the bravery and importance of his announcement, writes Chris Mandle...

Coupleeating mode  2285820k article
The Telegraph

The freshers' guide to university food (and how to survive it) - Telegraph

Research suggests that university students gain an average a 10lb in their first year. Here's some easily digestible tips on how to avoid eating beans on toast every night...

Telegraphfacebook article
The Telegraph

Men's Fashion and Style - Telegraph

All the latest fashion trends and style insights for the modern man....

Hadfielf 2733999a article
The Telegraph

Astronaut Chris Hadfield gets behind Movember campaign in funny video

Moustached astronaut Chris Hadfield, who is known for his science videos from space, pokes fun at himself in aid of Movember...

Chris tarrant 2 2921553k article
The Telegraph

Chris Tarrant: 'We couldn't do what men of my father's generation did'

The veteran broadcaster tells Theo Merz about recovering from a stroke, discovering his father was a war hero, and why people accused of sexual offences should not be named until they are found guilty...