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Features editor at Shortlist

I edit Shortlist's features section and also oversee our film/entertainment stuff. I've previously written for loads of places like Mr Porter, NOTION, Vice, Esquire, the Guardian, the Independent 'etc

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Ironislands article
The Independent

Game Of Thrones: key characters from House Umber and Karstark cast for S6

The Northern houses get a renewed focus and the show is definitely returning to the Greyjoys and the Iron Islands

Stannis article
The Independent

George RR Martin confirms Stannis is alive in the books

But what does that mean for the pink letter Ramsay sent Jon?

Popburger article
The Independent

National Burger Day 2015: What does your perfect burger look like?

Indy writers wrote about our perfect burger, which I compared to a meaty black hole.

True detective finale article
The Independent

True Detective season 2 finale review: A confident, chaotic end to the series

The show invests in its emotional stakes - finally - and manages to be surprisingly poignant in doing so

True detective article
The Independent

True Detective recap: "Black Maps and Motel Rooms"

Frank, Ray, Ani and Paul get thrown to the wolves as the second season hurtles to the finish line

True detective article
The Independent

True Detective recap: "Church In Ruins"

True Detective is beginning to see the wood for the trees. But like last year, the pressure for a neat conclusion throws the complex character drama off balance.

Bojack horseman article
The Independent

BoJack Horseman: The sharp satire of Hollywood that's also the most melancholy comedy on TV

The second season is an ambitious, sharp, and devastatingly sad comedy

True detective review recap s2 e5 article
The Independent

True Detective recap: "Other Lives"

"Episode five puts the first four episodes into a new context; the complex case was designed to disorientate viewers as much as the characters"

Hansolo2 article
The Independent

Five actors who we think could play a young Han Solo

For IndyTV, I wrote about the leading men who could handle Han.

Maisie williams article
The Independent

Maisie Williams delivers a brilliant speech on gender equality: 'Girls are unstoppable'

She spoke as the new face of Always #likeagirl campaign.

Heroes reborn hiro article
The Independent

How Heroes: Reborn can learn from its mistakes

From killing off its popular characters to toning down the nostalgia factor, Heroes needs to pull out every trick to get people to support it second time around.

1436155955898.cached article
The Independent

True Detective’s tortured gay soul is just another tired stereotype

In a season that is struggling to do new things with an old genre, the tortured, closeted tough-guy schtick falls behind what we can expect of LGBT characters in TV

Kim kardashian 2 article
The Independent

Kim Kardashian debunks trickle-down economics in an interview with a financial website

She explains why marginal propensity to consume decreases as income rises. Amazing.

21 jim obergefell reuters article
The Independent

Who is Jim Obergefell, the man at the heart of the Supreme Court ruling?

His case will not only affect about 200 million Americans and the laws they live under, but it will continue to affect millions for generations to come

Tomholland article
The Independent

A look at the career of Tom Holland, the new Spider-Man

Wrote a quick piece about the 19-year-old guy who will star as Spidey in Captain America: Civil War.