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Chris Mandle

Features editor at Shortlist

I edit Shortlist's features section and also oversee our film/entertainment stuff. I've previously written for loads of places like Mr Porter, NOTION, Vice, Esquire, the Guardian, the Independent 'etc

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Holland article

Tom Holland: Web Savvy

The latest iteration of Spider-Man might be the most chipper superhero in the universe.

Aziz article

Aziz Ansari: Let the good times roll

“Well,” he says, smiling. “I know this: people don’t ask me to do Indian accents at auditions any more.”

Fassbender cover article

Michael Fassbender

I interviewed Michael Fassbender for the cover of Shortlist's FEAR ISSUE.

Bob odenkirk article

Bob Odenkirk is overworked (and loving it)

Spoke to the Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad actor about not using his pool, starring in Rick & Morty and finishing his memoirs.

Joel dommett interview article

Joel Dommett on the dangers of being funny

For Shortlist's issue tackling the perceptions and problems with being funny, I spoke to Joel Dommett about the physical and emotional stresses of comedy.

Jordan peele article

Jordan Peele

Spoke to approx 50% of Key & Peele about great horror, Get Out, and social thrillers.

Barry jenkins moonlight article

Moonlight's Barry Jenkins

Interviewed the wonderful Barry Jenkins to discuss the thematic importance of water in the incredible Moonlight.

Joseph gl article

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants to talk to you about your paranoia

Action bronson article

Action Bronson

Interviewed the rapper/chef about punching fans, sex with pastrami and binging on Grey's Anatomy. What a gentleman.

Cumberbatch article

Benedict Cumberbatch for Shortlist

I went on set of Doctor Strange and talked to Benedict Cumberbatch about circadian rhythms, stiff hips and the supernatural.

Brian cranston article

Bryan Cranston Q&A

The man with the self-professed massive head talked to me about scaring tourists, having sneaky pints in Primrose Hill and the phallic nature of cigars.

Samberg page article

"Have you seen the toilet?"

Before I could interview Andy Samberg, he made me 'test out' the fancy toilet in his hotel room. So there's that.

Gervais article

"I'm Always Going To Get It Wrong"

Ricky Gervais guest-edited this week's issue of Shorltlist. I interviewed him for the cover to talk fame, success, privacy and privilege

Tv cover article

Shortlist's TV Special

In our massive Autumn TV preview, I wrote a piece on how the small screen has become more evil than ever.

Jake cover 2 article

Welcome to Jake's world

I hung out with Jake Gyllenhaal in Boston to figure out what makes the guy tick. Turns out he loves fennel.